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Bioskin Body Wash

Bioskin Body Wash

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Size:  140 x 140cm



  • Disposable hairdressing gown to protect clients against hair, water and splashes of colour.
  • Can be used as a disposable salon gown or beauty apron. The possibilities are endless for hair and beauty salons.
  • These gowns are 100% certified biodegradable and compostable, which means they are the most eco-friendly hair gown when it comes to protecting your client’s/your clothes and skin.
  • The cape ties around your client’s neck.
  • Made from plastic-free compostable plant-based PLA.
  • Light green colour.
  • Dispose of our hairdressing gowns with organic waste or in a bagless bin to ensure biodegradability.
  • Scrummi Biocapes are made from the same material as food-caddy bin liners.  Due the the plant-based composition these disposable hairdressing gowns have a mild organic scent.


Hairdressing, colouring, tinting etc

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