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Dog Gel

Dog Gel

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Our easy-to-apply gel is designed to encourage healthy skin by forming a light layer over the skin providing maximum protection. The key power ingredients Sea Buckthorn and Apple Cider Vinegar provide nutrients to the skin to calm, hydrate and nourish the skin back to health.

  • Forms a soft layer over the skin to provide deep nourishment
  • Contains Apple Cider Vinegar to maintain healthy skin
  • Safe if accidentally ingested
  • Omega-rich formula for calming & soothing of the skin
  • Easy application for more sensitive areas like the face wrinkles & paws

The Gel is designed to encourage further soothing of the skin. The naturally active ingredients like Sea Buckthorn and Apple Cider Vinegar, have been carefully selected for their bio-scientifically proven ability to maintain healthy skin. The Gel will soothe and nourish the skin.

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